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At 'wavyline' we're working towards a future where different art forms flow into each other using the nurturing power of music.

We offer innovative and confidence-building workshops for creative people from both the public and the private sector. Our clients are: arts practitioners; semi-professionals; career changers; school children; middle aged people; the elderly; the retired; 20-40s age group and business and corporate clients.

Wavyline's unique approach, demonstrates how specific music techniques and processes, can be used across the arts disciplines and beyond, to enhance creativity, support project development and to foster teamwork.

Our workshop leaders are experts in their field as well as educators with many years of experience behind them. The lead workshop facilitators will be musicians and composers but we will also bring in writers and painters. Underpinned with musical theoretical concepts, these workshops will be supportive, client centred, hands-on, fun and constructive. You WILL come away with something you've developed in a warm and supportive environment, and have fun while you're at it!

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