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Workshops using Music Concepts


'I attended all three workshops, and found them to be incredibly inspiring. A great balance of teaching, discussion and practical making, all very useful and opening up new directions in my practice.'

William Lindley, artist
attending the Paul Klee and Music Concepts series
'Great combination of theory, presentation and activity, particularly enjoyed discussions'

a writer on one of the writer's workshops using music concepts
'... The course was informative and inspirational. Virginia is an experienced and gifted educator with an ability to instil confidence by generating an open and accepting environment which enables free and uninhibited creative expression.'

Alicia Hunt
Composition Seminar Student
Morley College 2013
'I started attending the composition classes at Morley College with Virginia Firnberg at a point in my life when I had again engaged with music & creativity. The classes encouraged me enormously & challenged me from a one minute miniature for solo piano to an art/graphic score project celebrating Cornelius Cardew. The classes inspired me to continue and I have recently completed a Masters in composition after the joy of studying at Morley College.'

Martin Gaughin, composer
Brain Teaser
WAVE Community Choir
WAVE selfie The Melody Room, Harmony Hall,10 Truro Rd, London E17 7BY., 10 Truro Rd, London, E17 7BY, UK
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 7.30-9.30

We are a non-audition choir singing a range of songs including: folk, classical, Gospel and Jazz. The first session is free

Call 07813-116505 for more information

Waltham Forest and Redbridge, UK
5 September 2016 - 23 December 2016, mon - fri

I am an experienced, established and qualificed tutor (MA LLCM) with many years of experience. I have a fun, creative and professional approach.
All exam boards covered including: ABRSM Classical and Jazz, Trinity, Rock School etc. In addition to learning pieces, you will learn how to read music, piano technique, music theory, aural and general musicianship. I also teach composition and songwriting to those who want to go a little further.
As well as those wanting to do grades etc. I teach adults and children who simply want to learn for pleasure and gain a greater understanding of music.
Call Virginia on: 07813-116505
WAVE Community Choir
The Melody Room, Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Rd, London, Walthamstow, E17 7BY, UK
7 September 2016 - 21 September 2016, 7.30-9.30

WAVE COMMUNITY CHOIR, now recruiting, your first session is free! We're a Fun and welcoming group with no auditions and we sing a mix of Folk, Jazz, Gospel, Classical, R'n'B etc. check out this article http://walthamforestecho.co.uk/raising-the-roof/ and this review on SingawayE17 here: http://singawaye17.weebly.com/choirs.html

Call 07813-116505 or e-mail: wavyline4@gmail.com for more info

The Wanstead Tap, Arch 352, Winchelsea Road, London, E7 OAQ, UK
Saturday 9 July 2016, 11.00-1.30

Composer Virginia Firnberg will be leading a soundwalk, for groups including families with young children, teenagers, and arts practitioners. Explore the sounds of Wanstead flats and surrounding areas with guided listening exercises, interactive sound events as well as hands-on activities and a 'sound treasure hunt' for youngsters.

To book, call: 07813-116505

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